Aongatete Outdoor Education Centre is dedicated to the education, knowledge, and enjoyment of the outdoors

The activities at Aongatete Outdoor Education Centre are continually being developed and upgraded.  Here you find information about all of our current activities.  If there is something you particularly wish to do, and it is not listed, please don’t hesitate to discuss it with AOEC Management.

Most of the activities can be modified to meet the needs and objectives of your group, no matter their age or goals.  There is no classroom better than the outdoors.  Discuss with the AOEC Manager as to the availability and requirements of the activity prior to your stay.

You can rely on the expertise and experience of skilled AOEC Instructors or you can run your own activities. Some of our activities require a trained AOEC instructor, but we can also train up your group leaders or teachers to lead certain activities, that require more skill or knowledge. This is particularly useful if your group runs regular camps at AOEC. We provide activity safety operating procedures for all of the activities that you can run yourself. Due to the great volume of groups using AOEC and its associated activities, the wear and tear on the environment and on resources has highly increased, therefor all activities incur a small cost per person.

You must let AOEC management know of your intended activities, as new Health & Safety and DOC regulations and management strategies have been put into place to protect our precious environment and people using it.

We are here to help you structure a camp program that you can use for years to come that delivers educational value and memorable learning experiences for your students. (and is easy and stress free to implement with very little pre-camp prep). We can help you structure your camp activities to meet your curriculum needs and camp objectives and train you up, if that is of benefit to you and your group/school.

Successful camp programs require planing, and planning often starts when you first make your booking. Take advantage of the experience of our experienced staff to help you plan your camp, it does not cost you anything but your time and often results in the difference of a otherwise stressful or mediocre camp to experiencing a successful camp filled with meaningful, fun learning opportunities and special memories.

Activity Package Deals Available – please inquire with AOEC Management