Team Building Challenges

  • Pancake Challenge: This is a popular activity combining simple orienteering and cooking skills. Groups must locate the components of a stove and the ingredients required to make a pancake, before cooking and presenting their pancake. They are then judged on any number of categories set by the organiser. A fun way to earn your supper. All components are supplied except ingredients for the pancakes.

Below are collection of short challenges commonly used as team development activities. They are physically non-threatening and cooperative in nature and can also mainly used as icebreakers for new incoming groups. Each activity takes 15-20 minutes depending on the age and capabilities of the students.

  • Tram Tracks: The whole group must move from one end of the tram tracks to the other, following a set of rules using only the equipment provided.
  • Lava Flow: The entire group must cross the lava flow without touching the lava, by constructing a bridge within the bounds of the rules and using the collective initiative of the group. Move the entire group across a lava flow without touching the lava
  • Tyre Shift: All the tyres must be transferred from pole 1 to pole 3 and back again following a set of rules and in a given time frame.
  • Stacker: Transfer the 5 discs from peg A to peg C, within the rules, so that they are stacked as on peg A.
  • Spot Maze/Swamp Crossing: Navigate the entire group one at a time through the maze/swamp, without making a noise or stepping off.
  • Balancing Pole: To walk your group across the balancing pole without touching the ground, passing another group coming from the other end or standing your group on the pole and the last person passing all the others to get to the other end without touching the ground.
  • The Wall: Get your whole team over the wall with only team effort and no other resources
  • Pipe Line: Participants must roll a ball (or water) down the pipeline along a given course
  • Tarp Flip: A seemingly simple task. While standing on top of a completely open tarp, the group must create a plan to get everyone on the opposite side of the tarp without stepping off.