Night Time Activities

  • Burma Trail: a simple navigation activity usually run at night. Participants are led along a rope in the dark through varying tactile obstacles. The Burma Trail is easily dismissed as an evening time filler to “scare students” and often does not get the respect it should. If run properly, it can greatly increase the self-confidence and awareness of a student, develop confidence in the dark and a greater connection with mother nature.
  • Night Walk: discovering life in the forest after dark. Equiped with torches, some magnifying glasses and some night creatures identification cards discover glow worms, spiders, wetas, more porks and other creepy crawlies
  • Candle Trail: a great activity to increase the self confidence and awareness, develop confidence in the dark and a greater connection with mother nature, following a trail of lights through the forest.
  • Camp Concert: we can provide you with environment care and outdoor safety scenario skid cards if you want a fun camp performance with an outdoor/nature theme to reinforce the skills they learned during their camp
  • Camp Fire: Everyone loves sitting around the camp fire sing some songs, cook sausages on sticks or roast some marshmallows. *Strict Conditions apply
  • Bouldering: (on the indoor climbing wall) this activity can only be run with the presence of our rock climbing instructors. It is a great evening activity or time filler, especially for those children who are determined to get across the wall, from one end to the other, with out falling off, to earn a badge