We focus on environmental education, outdoor safety and sustainability and provide environmental education opportunities and activities that foster the development of positive life skills and provide memorable learning opportunities in the NZ bush.

Our Objectives

  • To promote and foster, especially among youth, a love and passion of the outdoors, as the children of today are tomorrow’s guardians of what is left of NZ’s precious native bush (in the Kaimai Mamaku Forest Park and Ranges).
  • To promote and encourage the safe and responsible use of New Zealand’s native forest and the facilities provided.
  • To foster learning, appreciation and conservation of the local history, geology, flora and fauna.
  • To enable children to use all our facilities and to improve their self confidence by encouraging initiative, leadership and team work.
  • To provide opportunities to learn new skills, overcome physical challenges and develop new interests.


Aongatete Outdoor Education Centre is a leading environment centre in New Zealand with a focus on environmental education, outdoor safety & sustainability


To provide educational opportunities and activities, that foster positive lifeskills, passion & care for New Zealand’s Natural Environment

Core Values


We use all resources efficiently, effectively and sustainably in order to further the AOEC mission and care for the Kaimai Mamaku Forest Park, which is seen as a taonga that needs saving and protection


We act in a manner that is environmentally, socially & economically sustainable at all times. We make decisions that last longer than we will and honour our commitment to the environment, to our mission, to our objectives and to those we serve

Environment Care

We promote a deeper understanding and respect of the local natural history through a focus on environmental education

Outdoor Safety

We encourage and promote health & safety and the responsible use of the outdoors

Customer Care

We understand, determine ad deliver what our customers want, provide knowledge, resources and support to plan for and execute a successful camp/event that delivers quality activities, provides memorable learning opportunities and helps build a healthy relationship with the natural environment.


We develop, maintain and nurture long term quality relationships with all of our customers, schools, organisations and stakeholders


We cooperate and work together with AOEC users and stakeholders for the common good of the environment, the people we serve and the organisations mission

Development and Growth

We provide opportunities to learn new skills, overcome physical challenges, develop positive attitudes, help improve self confidence, initiative, leadership and teamwork