Aongatete River Activities

  • Aongatete River Challenge: An adventurous walk up/down the river with experienced AOEC Instructors. Some exciting and challenging patches in this walk require teamwork and commitment.  This challenge can give each participant a feeling of real achievement.  It is cold but worth it!
  • River Studies & Discoveries: If River study is in your curriculum, then this is a great activity. Find and watch eels, what lives in our rivers, plants that grow in or near the river etc. Bring some fishing nets and some magnifying glasses.
  • Dam Building: Children love building dams or trying to divert the course of the flow of the river.
  • Rock Sculptures: The lower part of the Aongatete River with all its river stones lends itself beautifully to build rock sculptures.
  • Boat Races: Get creative and build some boats out of twigs and leaves and other natural materials and then float or race your boats down the river.
  • Swimming: The Aongatete River has several areas that are ideal for swimming. Always keep river safety in mind.