Gap Fillers & other activities

  • Fire drill: Although important, this is often forgotten. When organised as an activity in a competition format, this can often be an exciting way to start a stay at Aongatete. or fill a gap, when students need to be refocused. This can be a quick 20-30 minute exercise or you can spend a good hour learning about and using the fire hoses and systems.
  • Bouldering (on the indoor climbing wall): this activity can only be run with the presence of our rock climbing instructors. It is a great evening activity or time filler, especially for those children who are determined to get across the wall, from one end to the other, with our falling off, to earn a badge.
  • Camp Journal: printable PDF journal available to down load, to reflect on camp activities and experiences
  • Nature Crafts: Nature Weaving and Leaf Creatures – great for rainy days and perfect to incorporate with bird/tree studies and to add focus and value to bush walks.